Take a look at some inspiring art and artists below and get some fresh ideas for your entry into the Take pArt Challange

Artists and ideas

Grayson Perry is a contemporary potter. His pots are covered in overlapping ideas, techniques and images. Listen to him talking about his definition of art and how artists find their ideas.

Ryan Gander makes extraordinary art about everyday things. He finds ideas from everywhere and anywhere!

Katie Paterson makes artworks about ideas. Amazing ideas, such as sending music to the moon, making an artwork that will outlive us all and making a light bulb that produces the same light as moonlight!

John Baldessari is a conceptual artist. His artworks are about ideas, they are often humorous and are sometimes stripped back to the simplest possible way of sharing an idea.

Colour and composition

Njideka Akunyili Crosby makes beautiful paintings. She uses a range of reference material including paint, collage, traditional Nigerian portrait fabrics and transfers of family photographs.

Chris Ofili makes amazing painting from influences as broad as elephant dung, Afro histories, magazines, music, popular culture and monkeys.

Gary Hume make simple pictures made with household paint, populated by shapes and colour.


Fiona Rae makes paintings with a wide range of subject matter. You could think of her paints like ginormous collages, full of references to popular culture and other artworks.


Christian Rosa is a painter. His art is made out of mistakes, or rather he uses mistakes to help him make his paintings.


Text and slogans

Bob and Roberta Smith is the artistic pseudonym of Patrick Brill. He makes slogan paintings, using traditional signwriting techniques to share opinions and comments on the world around him. His artworks are about big important ideas, they are serious yet sort of funny at the same time.

Ed Ruscha makes monumental paintings of America. He paints houses, gas stations, advertisement signs and mountains.


David Shrigley makes humorous works that include hand-drawn pictures and text. They are direct graphic representations of the artists’ thoughts, worries and ideas.


Looking at the world around you

Jean Michel Basquiat was an American artist. He made drawings and paintings full of snippets and images he found in the world around him.

Bharti Kher is an Indian contemporary artist. Her work encompasses painting, sculpture and installation, often incorporating bindis, the popular forehead decoration worn by women in India, in her work.

George Shaw is from Nottingham. He paints beautiful pictures of the world around him, often focusing on the mundane or the everyday.

This video looks at the work of Felix Gonzalez–Torres, Dorothea Lange and Martha Rosler. It takes a wider look at how artists have responded to the world around them.