Online Resources.

Looking for inspiration or guidance on what to create for the Take pArt challenge? Then look no further than our online resources

Technical Tips

We’ve worked with artist Jack Brown to create some videos of different artistic techniques you can try out!

Mono printing

Using a mahl stick

Mini printing

Inventive surfaces for drawing

Wax resist and painting


Starting Points

These starting points have been designed to help young artists think outside of the box and experiment with new ways of making and presenting their artworks.

In the Classroom
Print out the downloadable worksheets below and stick into sketchbooks.

Outside of school
Use as a starting point for your own explorations and experiments.


For the playlist mentioned in the activity ‘Music and mark making’ see below


Get inspired by our theme Evolve! Here are some videos to help.

Ingrid Sischy | Cindy Sherman's Untitled #479

'Time-Lapse' | Monet's Rouen Cathedral

Andy Warhol | Six Self-Portraits

Rivers and Tides | Andy Goldsworthy

Peter Doig | TateShots